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Primary Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar


Born in 1951 in Chicago, Illinois, Richard Bennett took an early interest in music, had his own record player at age 2, first record “Doggie In The Window” by Patti Page and was raised on a diet of pre-rock pop ie., Joni James, Frankie Laine, Les Baxter etc. as well as Randy Blake’s “Suppertime Frolic”, a program that aired nightly on WJJD radio featuring country music of the 1940’s and ‘50’s.
Moving to Phoenix, Arizona in 1960 he began studying guitar in 1962 with Forrest Skaggs. Through the 1950’s, Skaggs was Arizona’s ace western band leader having his own morning radio show, Saturday afternoon TV slot and “The Arizona Hayride”, a live Saturday night barn-dance show that hosted every major national country star who came to the Phoenix area. By way of Skaggs, Bennett met former student and Arizona Hayrider, Al Casey, then a top call studio musician in Hollywood.

Richard did his earliest record dates in Los Angeles during a summer vacation spent there with Casey in 1968. The following year, after graduating high school, he relocated to the west coast permanently and landed studio work quickly. Recording sessions ranging from Peggy Lee to Gene Vincent, The Ventures, Liberace, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Barbara Streisand, Sammy Davis Jr., Billy Joel and The Partridge Family to name but a few, soon followed. The spring of 1971 began a 17 year recording and touring relationship with Neil Diamond that yielded sixteen albums including “Hot August Night” and several co-written songs, “Forever In Blue Jeans” among them. By 1975 it also afforded Bennett the luxury of curtailing some of the less than rewarding three-session-a-day work.

At the urging of Steve Earle, Tony Brown and Jimmy Bowen, Richard moved to Nashville in 1985, having already played on many projects there since 1982. Earle’s landmark “Guitar Town” album, which Bennett co-produced and played guitar on, launched Richard as a producer and he’s since gone on to produce records for Emmylou Harris, Lost and Profound, Bill Miller, Marty Stuart, Jo-El Sonnier, Marty Brown, Becky Hobbs, The Sullivans, and Prairie Oyster. Additional record productions include Steve Earle’s comeback “I Feel Alright”, The Nashville Mandolin Ensemble’s “Plectrosonics” and “All The Rage”, Kim Richey’s self titled debut and two highly acclaimed albums by Phil Lee.

1994 began an association as guitarist with Mark Knopfler that continues to this day and includes the albums “Golden Heart”, “Sailing To Philadelphia”, “Ragpicker’s Dream” and "Shangri-La", three major world tours, and the motion picture soundtracks “Wag The Dog” and “Metroland”.

The year 2003 marked Richard Bennett’s 36th year of continued studio work that now spans five decades, a tour of the United Kingdom with British pop diva Cerys Matthews and a performance in Italy of material from his recently completed solo record, “Themes From A Rainy Decade”.

Guitarist - Producer

a few words about this discography.........
I have the tremendous good fortune to make my living as a studio musician and have done so since 1968, but until now had never compiled a list of the records I'd worked on. It seemed like a tall order as I'm not aware of access to musician's union session contracts online, and that's really where the complete information lies. So, I began with the All Music Guide web site and was honestly amazed by what came up. They do a very good job, so many things I'd forgotten and was surprised to see again, although a few corrections and much additional work needed to be done. For starters, another Richard Bennett, a wonderful guitar player primarily in the acoustic and bluegrass music field who's work had been credited along with mine, as well as entries for Richard Rodney Bennett have now been deleted from this web site's discography.

There were omissions that immediately came to mind, primarily my early work in Los Angeles of the late 60's through the 1970's, records that were no longer in print. By going through my own record collection I managed to fill several legal sheets with more albums I'd participated on. This by no means told the whole story though, as I'd been very cavalier about getting copies of so many of the records I'd played on. A typical musician.

The next stop was my file cabinet where I began pouring through date books going back to 1971. These too gave only a partial view as I seldom wrote the name of the artist with the booking. In those days I simply noted the appropriate date, time, studio and whoever had put the call out ie. the producer, arranger and/or contractor. Randomly however, I did enter about a third of the artists next to the session call. From those date books I compiled several more pages of artists who had been left out. I have included their names and the first year I'd recorded with them although no album title follows the date; sadly, I don't have these records in my collection. Like I said, typical.

This is far from a comprehensive discography, still it does offer a good look at a large picture and I have to admit being a little overwhelmed myself by the breadth and scope of it. You'll recognize artists who were and continue to be legends, some who have faded from collective memory and many who never made it that far. It is my honor and privilege to have worked with every one of them.

Alabama                        American Pride (1992)          Electric, Acoustic Guitars
Alabama                        In Pictures (1995)         Electric, Acoustic Guitars
Jessi Alexander              Honeysuckle Sweet (2005)        Guitar (Electric)
Gary Allan                     See If I Care (2003)         Electric Guitar
Debbie Allen                  (1976)
Keith Allison                  (1971)
Eric Andersen                 Be True to You (1975)         Guitars
Eric Andersen                 Collection (1997)         Steel Guitar
Al Anderson                   After Hours (2006)        Guitar
Joan Baez                        Play Me Backwards (1992)         Electric Guitar
Joan Baez                        Gone from Danger (1997)         Guitars, Bouzouki
Marty Balin                     Better Generation (1991)         Electric Guitar
Mandy Barnett                Mandy Barnett (1996)         Guitars
Duke Baxter                    One Wish (1975)
Molly Bee                        (1972)
The Bellamy Brothers      Let Your Love Flow (1976)         Guitar
The Bellamy Brothers      Plain & Fancy (1977)         Guitar
The Bellamy Brothers      Beautiful Friends (1978)         Guitar
The Bellamy Brothers      Country Rap (1987)         Electric, Acoustic,                                                                                                 Hawaiian Guitar
Richard Bennett               Themes From A Rainy Decade (2004)
Matraca Berg                    Sunday Morning to Saturday Night (1997)                                                                                                             Electric Guitar
Billy Pilgrim                     Bloom (1995)        Guitars, Multi Instruments
Martin Birch                     (1972)
Suzy Boggus                     Aces (1991)
Suzy Boggus                     Greatest Hits (1994)
Tommy Boyce                   (1972)
Paul Brandt                        Outside the Frame (1997)         Guitars
Bread                                 (1972)
Teresa Brewer                     16 Most Requested Songs (1977)         Guitar
Bobby Bridger                     And I Wanted to Sing for the... (1973)         Dobro,                                                                                             Guitars, Steel Guitar
Karen Brooks                     Walk On (1982)        Guitar
Marty Brown                     High & Dry (1991)         Guitars, Producer,                                                                                                             Banjo-Ukelele
Marty Brown                     Wild Kentucky Skies (1993)        Guitars, Producer
Marty Brown                     Cryin', Lovin', Leavin' (1994)         Guitars, Producer
Severin Browne                 Severin Browne (1973)         Guitars, Steel Guitar
Severin Browne                 New Improved (1974)         Guitars, Pedal Steel
John Bunzow                     Darkness and Light (2002)         Guitars
Paul Burch & the WPA     Blue Notes (2000)        Acoustic Guitar
Paul Burch                         Fool for Love (2003)        Guitar
Paul Burch                         East To West (2006)        Guitar
Billy Burnette                     (1992)
Dorsey Burnette                 Here And Now (1972)
Brian Cadd                         Yesterdaydream (1978)        Guitar
Ray Campi &
Rockabilly Rebels               Rockabilly Rebellion (1981)        Electric Guitar Glen Campbell                    (1971)
Dee Dee Cantrell                 (1971)
Kim Carnes                         (1972)
Mary Chapin Carpenter        Between Here and Gone (2004)        Guitar                                                                                                         (Electric), Musician
Vikki Carr                             Ms. America (1973)
Dianne Carrol                         (1973)
Anita Carter                            Appalachian Angel: Her Recordings 1950-1972                                                 (2004)        Producer, Guitar Overdubs
Al Casey                                Hitlist (2004)        Guitar, Producer, Liner Notes
Rosanne Cash                      Somewhere in the Stars (1982) Guitars
Rosanne Cash                      Interiors (1990)  Guiat, Mandolin-guitarophone
Rosanne Cash                      Retrospective (1995) Guitar,                                                                                                                         Mandolin-guitarophone
David Cassidy                         Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes (1973)                                                                                        Guitars
Chubby Checker                     (1973)
Mark Chesnutt                        Too Cold at Home (1990)         Electric Guitar Claudia Church                       (1999)         6-String Bass
Eric Church                             Sinners Like Me (2006)        Guitars
Churchill                                  Churchill (1972)         Guitars
Guy Clark                                 South Coast Of Texas (1981)         Guitars,                                                                     French Accordian, Steel Guitar, Triangle Terri Clark                                 Terri Clark (1995)         Electric Guitar
Petula Clark                                (1974)
Sanford Clark                             (1971)
Allan Clarke                                 Legendary Heroes (1980)         Guitars
Tammy Cochran                         Tammy Cochran (2001)         Acoustic Guitar
Tammy Cochran                         Life Happened (2002)        Acoustic Guitar
Phil Cody                                    Phil Cody (1976)        Guitar
Earl Thomas Conley                    (1990)
Marty Cooper                             A Minute Of Your Time (1972)
Marty Cooper                             A Little Bit Country A Little Bit Rock And                                                                                                         Roll (1979)
Dave Crossland                           Fields of Promise (2000)         Electric Guitar
Rodney Crowell                           Rodney Crowell (1981)         Guitar
Rodney Crowell                           Street Language (1986)         Guitar
Rodney Crowell                           Rodney Crowell Collection (1989)                                                                                                                             Guitar
Rodney Crowell                           Jewel of the South (1995)         Guitar
Rodney Crowell                           Small Worlds: The Crowell... (2002)                                                                                                                         Guitar
Rodney Crowell                           Fate's Right Hand (2003)         Guitar
Rodney Crowell                           Essential (2004)        Guitar
Curnutte & Maher                         Crackerjack (2001) Electric 12-String Guitar
Mac Curtis                                   (1974)
Gail Davies         The Other Side Of Love (1990)
Gail Davies         Eclectic (1994)
Arlan Day         I Surrender (1982)
Iris Dement         My Life (1993)         Acoustic, Electric, 12-String Guitar
Neil Diamond         Moods (1972)
Neil Diamond         Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1973)
Neil Diamond         Serenade (1974)
Neil Diamond         12 Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (1982)
Neil Diamond         Hot August Night (1972)        Guitar
Neil Diamond         Beautiful Noise (1976)         Guitars, Banjo, Ukulele
Neil Diamond         I'm Glad You're Here with Me... (1977)        Guitars
Neil Diamond         Love at the Greek (1977)        Guitar
Neil Diamond         You Don't Bring Me Flowers (1978)        Guitars
Neil Diamond         September Morn (1979)        Guitars
Neil Diamond         Jazz Singer (1980)         Guitars
Neil Diamond         On the Way to the Sky (1981)         Guitars
Neil Diamond         Heartlight (1982)         Guitars
Neil Diamond         Primitive (1984)         Guitars, Producer
Neil Diamond         Headed for the Future (1986)         Guitar
Neil Diamond         Hot August Night 2 (1987)        Guitars
Neil Diamond        Best Years of Our Lives (1988)         Guitar
Neil Diamond         Greatest Hits (1966-1992) (1992)         Guitar
Neil Diamond         Tennessee Moon (1996)         Guitars, Tiple
Neil Diamond         In My Lifetime (1996)         Guitar
Neil Diamond         Classics: The Early Years (1997)        Guitars, Banjo, Ukulele
Neil Diamond         Play Me: The Complete Uni Studio... (2002)         Guitars
Neil Diamond         Stages: Performances 1970-2002... (2003)         Guitar
Deryl Dodd         Deryl Dodd (1998)         Acoustic Guitar
Lonnie Donegan         Sundown (1978)
Rusty Draper         (1971)
George Ducas         George Ducas (1995)         Guitars, Producer
George Ducas         Every Time She Passes By (1996)         Producer
George Ducas         Where I Stand (1997)        Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Tambourine, Producer
Van Dunson         Van Dunson (1979)         Guitar
Steve Earle         Guitar Town (1986)         Guitars, Producer, 6-String Bass, StringBass
Steve Earle         Exit O (1987)         Guitars, Producer, 6-String Bass
Steve Earle & the Dukes         Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator (1991)        Composer
Steve Earle         Essential Steve Earle (1993)         Producer
Steve Earle        I Feel Alright (1996)         Guitar, Harmonium, Percussion, Producer
Steve Earle         Ain't Ever Satisfied: The Steve... (1996)        Guitars, Producer, 6-String Bass
Steve Earle         Very Best of: Angry Young Man (1999)         Producer
Steve Earle         Introduction to Steve Earle (2001)         Producer
Steve Earle         Guitar Town [Expanded Edition] (2002)        Bass, Guitar, Producer, 6-String Bass, String Bass
Steve Earle         Best of Steve Earle: 20th Century... (2003)        Producer, Associate Producer
Steve Earle         Chronicles [Box Set] (2005)        Bass, Guitar, Producer, Associate Producer, 6-String Bass, String Bass
Steve Eaton         Hey Mr. Daydreamer (1974)         Guitar, Steel Guitar
Duane Eddy         Ghostrider/Great Guitar Hits (1996)        Rhythm Guitar, Tiple
Duane Eddy         Best of Duane Eddy (1999)         Guitar
Jonathan Edwards         Natural Thing (1997)         Electric Guitar
Ty England        Ty England (1995)        Acoustic Guitar
Evangeline         Evangeline (1992)         Guitar
Chad Everett         (1973)
The Everly Brothers         Home Again (1985)
Phil Everly         Star Spangled Springer (1973)         Guitar
Tennessee Ernie Ford         (1971)
The Four Tops         Keeper of the Castle (1972)        Guitar
The Four Tops         Forever (2001)         Guitar
Jerry Fuller         (1971)
Marvin Gaye         (1973)
Vince Gill         Turn Me Loose (1983)        Guitar
Vince Gill         Things That Matter (1984)         Guitar
Vince Gill         Pocket Full of Gold (1991)        Electric Guitar
Vince Gill         I Still Believe in You (1992)         Acoustic Guitar
Jimmie Dale Gilmore         Spinning Around the Sun (1993)         Guitars
Lesley Gore         (1973)
Jim Grady        Jim Grady (1973)         Guitar
Billy Graham        (1973)
Amy Grant         Legacy...Hymns and Faith (2002)         Acoustic, Gut String Guitar
The Mighty Hannibal         (1971)
Emmylou Harris         Bluebird (1988)        Guitars, 6-string Bass, Mandolin, Producer, Percussion
Emmylou Harris         Brand New Dance (1990)         Guitars, Tambourine, Producer, 6-String Bass
Emmylou Harris & the Nash...        At the Ryman (1992)        Producer
Emmylou        Cowgirl's Prayer (1993)         Guitars, Percussion, Tambourine, Producer, Mandocello
Emmylou Harris         Songs of the West (1994)        Producer
Emmylou Harris         Wrecking Ball (1995)         Guitar
Emmylou Harris         Portraits (1996)        Guitars, Percussion, Producer
Emmylou Harris         Anthology: The Warner/Reprise... (2001)        Guitars, 6-String Bass, Percussion
Bobby Hart         (1973)
Alexander Harvey         Souvenirs (1973)         Guitar
Alexander Harvey         True Love (1974)         Guitar
Tish Hinojosa         Destiny's Gate (1994)         12-String Guitar
Becky Hobbs         All Keyed Up (1988)         Guitars, Producer
The Hoskins Family         Safe Thus Far (2002)         Acoustic Guitar
James House         Hard Times for an Honest Man (1990)         Acoustic Guitar
James House         James House (1989)
Thelma Houston         (1973)
Jack Ingram         Hey You (1999)         Guitar, Producer
Jack Ingram        Electric (2002)         Acoustic Guitar
Tommy Lee James         (1992)
Duane Jarvis         Certified Miracle (2001)         Electric, Electric 12-String Guitar
John Jarvis         Pure Contours (1990)         Electric Guitar
The Joy of Cooking         (1973)
Jenai         Cool Me Down (2002)        Acoustic Guitar
Waylon Jennings         Hangin' Tough (1987)         Acoustic Guitar
Waylon Jennings         Closing In On The Fire (1998)
Waylon Jennings         Will The Wolf Survive (1986)
Flaco Jimenez         Partners (1992)         Acoustic Guitar, Requinto
Billy Joel         Cold Spring Harbor (1971)        Guitar
Billy Joel         Piano Man (1973)         Guitar
Billy Joel         Streetlife Serenade (1974)        Guitar
Sammy Johns        (1977)
George Jones         Bradley Barn Sessions (1994)         Acoustic Guitar
George Jones         Rock Stone Cold Country 2001 (2001)        Guitar
George Jones        My Very Special Guests (2005)        Guitar
Wynonna Judd         New Day Dawning [Bonus CD] (2000)        Acoustic, Electric Guitar
Barbara Keith         Barbara Keith (1972)         Guitar
Paul Kennerley         Misery with a Beat (1998)         Guitar, Pedal Steel
Hal Ketchum         Past the Point of Rescue (1991)         Acoustic Guitar
Hal Ketchum         Sure Love (1992)         Acoustic Guitar
Hal Ketchum         Every Little Word (1994)         Acoustic Guitar
Hal Ketchum         Hits (1996)         Acoustic Guitar
Hal Ketchum         I Saw the Light (1998)        Acoustic Guitar
Richard Kerr         (1973)
Andy Kim         (1974)
Royal Wade Kimes         Hangin' Around the Moon         Acoustic Guitar
Tom Kimmel         Circle Back Home (1989)        Acoustic Guitar
Jill King         Jillbilly (2003)         Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki
Baker Knight         (1972)
Chris Knight         Chris Knight (1998)         Guitars, Bouzouki, Tiple
Chris Knight        Enough Rope (2006)        Guitar
Gladys Knight         (1973)
Tommy Knight         Tommy Knight (1981)
Mark Knopfler         Golden Heart (1996)         Guitars
Mark Knopfler         Wag the Dog (1998)         Guitars
Mark Knopfler         Metroland (1999)         Guitars
Mark Knopfler         Sailing to Philadelphia (2000)        Guitars
Mark Knopfler         Ragpicker's Dream (2002)         Guitars
Mark Knopfler         Ragpicker's Dream [Bonus CD] (2002)         Guitars
Mark Knopfler         Shangri-La (2004)         Guitars, Hawaiian steel, Tiple
Mark Knopfler        One Take Radio Sessions (2005)        Guitar
Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits        Sultans of Swing/The Best of Dire Straits (2003)        Guitar
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris        All The Roadrunning (2006)        Guitar
Kyle         (1972)
Dave Lambert         Framed (1979)        Guitars
Miranda Lambert        Kerosene (2005)        Guitar
Nicolette Larson         Say When (1985)         Guitars
Nicolette Larson         Very Best of Nicolette Larson (1999)         Acoustic Guitar
Jim Lauderdale         Whisper (1998)         Acoustic Guitar
Vicki Lawrence         (1973)
Brenda Lee         Feels So Right (1985)
Peggy Lee         (1973)
Phil Lee         Mighty King of Love (2000)        Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, Pedal Steel, Producer
Phil Lee        You Should Have Known Me Then (2001)         Guitars, Tambourine, Producer, National Steel Guitar
Danni Leigh         29 Nights (1998)         Guitars
Danni Leigh         Shot of Whiskey and a Prayer (2001)        Guitars, Percussion, Producer
The Lettermen         Spin Away (1972)
The Lettermen         Love Book (1973)
The Lettermen         Alive Again...Naturally (1973)
Liberace         Love And Music Festival (1971)
Lobo         Cowboy Afraid of Horses (1975) Guitars, Steel Guitar
Lost and Profound         Lost and Profound (1992)         Guitar, Producer
Lost and Profound         Memory Thief (1994)        Guitars, Producer
Patty Loveless         Patty Loveless (1987)         Guitars
Patty Loveless         On Down the Line (1990)         Electric Guitar
Patty Loveless         When Fallen Angels Fly (1994)         Guitars
Patty Loveless         Long Stretch of Lonesome (1997)         Guitars
Patty Loveless         Strong Heart (2000)        Electric Guitar
Lyle Lovett         Lyle Lovett and His Large Band (1989)         6-String Bass
Rebecca Lynn         Hold Me Tight         Steel Guitar
Judy Lynn         (1972)
Al Martino         (1973)
Dave Mason         Dave Mason (1974)         Pedal Steel
Dave Mason         It's Like You Never Left (2000)        Pedal Steel
Johnny Mathis         The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (1972)
Johnny Mathis         Song Sung Blue (1972)
Johnny Mathis         Me And Mrs. Jones (1973)
Cerys Matthews         Cockahoop (2003)         Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bouzouki, National Steel Guitar, Hi String, 6-string bass, Banjolele
The Mavericks         From Hell to Paradise (1992)        Guitars, Producer, Tiple, Requinto
The Mavericks         Trampoline (1998)         Requinto
The Mavericks         Trampoline [Japan] (1998)        Requinto
The Mavericks         Super Colossal Smash Hits of the... (1999)        Producer
The Mavericks        Definitive Collection (2004)        Guitar, Producer
Mac McAnally         Word of Mouth (1999)         Electric Guitar
Shane McAnally         Shane McAnally (2000)         Acoustic Guitar
Reba McEntire         Last One to Know (1987)        Electric Guitar
Harry Middlebrooks        (1971)
Bill Miller         Red Road (1993)         Guitar, Producer
Bill Miller         Raven in the Snow (1995)         Guitars, Piano, Producer, Shaker, Tiple
Bill Miller         Spirit Rain (2002)         Electric Guitar
Bill Miller/Robert Mirabal         Native Suite-Chants, Dances and... (1996)        Producer
Roger Miller         (1971)
John Michael Montgomery         Leave a Mark (1998)         Electric Guitar
Dick Monda         (1973)
Patsy Moore         Flower Child's Guide to Love &... (1993)         Acoustic Guitar
Allison Moorer         Alabama Song (1998)        Guitars
Allison Moorer         Hardest Part (2000)        Acoustic Guitar
Allison Moorer        Definitive Collection (2005)        Guitar
Lorrie Morgan         Something in Red (1991)         Electric Guitar
Lorrie Morgan         RCA Country Legends (2002)        Electric Guitar
Johnnie and Jonie Moseby         (1972)
David Lee Murphy         Out With a Bang (1995)         Acoustic Guitar
David Lee Murphy        We Can't All Be Angels (1997)         Guitars, Bouzouki
Larry Murray         (1972)
The Mystic Moods Orchestra         (1973)
Nashville Mandolin...         Plectrasonics (1995)         Producer
Nashville Mandolin...        All the Rage: 1897-1924 (1998)         Producer
Jerry Naylor         (1972)
Sam Neely         Down Home         Guitar
Nelson Brother         Harmony (1998)         Guitar
Willie Nelson & Friends         Stars & Guitars (2002)         Guitars
Mickey Newbury         Heaven Help the Child (1973)         Guitar
The New Christy Minstrels         (1971)
Juice Newton         Ain't Gonna Cry (1989)
Wayne Newton        (1973)
Peter Noone         One Of The Glory Boys (1982)
Notorious Cherry Bombs         The Notorious Cherry Bombs (2004)         Guitars, Bouzouki, Six String Bass, Cavaquinho; Producer
The Numbers         (1984)
The Oak Ridge Boys         Where The Fast Lane Ends (1987)
Jamie O'Hara         Beautiful Obsession (2001)         Guitar
Spooner Oldham         Pot Luck (1972)
Michael Omartian         Adam Again (1976)         Guitar
Orleans         Grown Up Children (1986)
K.T. Oslin         Love in a Small Town (1990)        Guitar
K.T. Oslin         RCA Country Legends (2002)         Guitar
Buck Owens         Act Naturally (1989)
Lee Roy Parnell         Love Without Mercy (1992)         Electric Guitar
Lee Roy Parnell         Hits And Highways Ahead (1999)        Electric Guitar
Paul Parrish         (1972)
The Partridge Family        Bulletin Board (1973)        Guitar
The Partridge Family        Come On Get Happy (2005)        Guitar
Devin Payne         Excuse Me        Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm)
Phillips, Craig & Dean         Where Strength Begins (1997)         Guitar
Prairie Oyster         Everybody Knows (1991)        Guitars, Producer
Prairie Oyster         Only One Moon (1995)         Acoustic Guitar
Prairie Oyster         String of Pearls: A Greatest Hits... (2000)         Guitar, Producer
Ray Price         (1974)
Pyramid         Pyramid (1974)        Electric Guitar
Charles John Quarto         (1988)         Hobo Carousel
Kenny Rankin         Silver Morning (1975)
Kenny Rankin         Peaceful: The Best of Kenny Rankin (1996)        Guitar
Helen Reddy         We'll Sing In The Sunshine (1978)
Helen Reddy         Ear Candy (1977)
Don Reed         (1971)
Ronna Reeves         What Comes Naturally (1992)         Guitars
Debbie Reynolds         (1974)
Jody Reynolds         Endless... (2000)         Guitar
Digby Richards         Digby Richards (1974)        Guitar
Kim Richey        Kim Richey (1995)         Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Mandolin-guitarophone,Producer, Slide Guitar, Tiple
Kim Richey        Collection (2004)        Guitar, Producer
Smokey Robinson         (1973)
Austin Roberts         The Last Thing On My Mind (1973)
Billy Joe Roberts         Beer Drinking Music (1969)
Tommy Roe         (1972)
Kenny Rogers         (1972)
Bobby Russell         (1972)
Carole Bayer Sager         Sometimes Late at Night (1981)         Guitar
Lesley Schatz         Hello Stranger (1994)         Guitar
Lesley Schatz         Banjo Pickin' Girl (1994)         Guitar
Lesley Schatz         Brave Wolf (1994)         Guitar
John Schneider         (1985)
Harriet Schock         Hollywood Town (1974)
Harriet Schock         She's Low Clouds (1974)
Tom Scott         (1973)
Mark Selby         Dirt (2003)         Electric Guitar
Mike Settle         (1971)
Nancy Sinatra         (1973)
Col. Jim Silvers         Music Makin' Mama from Memphis (1991)         Guitars, Bass, Producer, Mandolin, Pedal Steel
Jim Silvers         You Gotta Let All The Girls Know You're A Cowboy (1978)         Guitars, Producer
P.F. Sloan         Raised on Records (1972)         Pedal Steel Guitar
Norman (Hurricane) Smith         (1973)
Jo-El Sonnier         Come On Joe (1987)         Guitars, Producer
Jo-El Sonnier         Have A Little Faith (1989)        Guitars, Producer
Sissy Spacek         Hanging Up My Heart (1983)
Danny Spanos         Passion in the Dark Bass
Jim Stafford         Jim Stafford (1974)         Guitars
Jim Stafford         Not Just Another Pretty Foot (1975)
The Standells         (1971)
Kay Starr        (1973)
Ringo Starr         Goodnight Vienna (1974)         Guitar
Stealin' Horses         (1987)
Red Stegall         (1971)
Simon Stokes         (1981)
George Strait         Something Special (1985)         Acoustic Guitar
George Strait         Ocean Front Property (1987)         Acoustic Guitar
George Strait        #7 (1987)        Guitars
George Strait         Strait Out of the Box (1995)        Acoustic Guitar
Barbara Streisand         (1973)
Marty Stuart         Hillbilly Rock (1989)         Guitars, Arranger, Producer, 6-String Bass
Marty Stuart         Tempted (1991)         Guitars, Producer, 6-String Bass, Manodolin-    guitarophone
Marty Stuart         This One's Gonna Hurt You (1992)         Guitars, Percussion, Producer
Marty Stuart         Marty Party Hit Pack (1995)        Producer
Marty Stuart         20th Century Masters - The... (2002)         Producer
Jim Sullins         Inside Thunder Outside Laughing (1974)         Electric Guitar
Jerry & Tammy Sullivan         Joyful Noise (1991)        Guitar, Producer
Sweethearts of the Rodeo         Sweethearts of the Rodeo/One Time, (2000)
Barry & Holly Tashian         Ready For Love (1993)        Acoustic Guitar
Los Texas Tornados         Texas Tornados [Spanish Version] (1990)         Guitars, Requinto
Texas Tornados         Texas Tornados (1990)         Guitars, Requinto
Texas Tornados         Zone of Our Own (1991)         Vihuela, Tiple, Requinto
Texas Tornados         Best of Texas Tornados (1994)
Danny Thomas         (1973)
Pam Tillis         Greatest Hits (1997)         Acoustic, Electric Guitar
Pam Tillis         Every Time (1998)        Electric Guitar
Pam Tillis         RCA Country Legends (2002)         Guitar
Trick Pony        R.I.D.E. (2005)        Guitar
Travis Tritt         It's All About to Change (1991)         Guitars
Travis Tritt         T-r-o-u-b-l-e (1992)        Guitars
Travis Tritt         Greatest Hits: From the Beginning (1995)        Electric Guitar
Travis Tritt         No More Looking over My Shoulder (1998)         Acoustic Guitar
Travis Tritt         Lovin' Side (2002)         Guitar
Travis Tritt         Rockin' Side (2002)         Guitar
Bud Tutmarc         Unforgettables 2 (1994)         Acoustic Guitar
Bud Tutmarc        Hawaiian Sails In The Sunset (2002)         Acoustic Guitar
Conway Twitty         Borderline (1987)         Acoustic Guitar
Conway Twitty         Still In Your Dreams (1988)         Acoustic Guitar
Conway Twitty         Conway Twitty Collection (1994)         Acoustic Guitar
Kris Tyler         What a Woman Knows (1998)         Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Bouzouki
Frankie Valli         (1973)
Ricky Van Shelton         Wild-Eyed Dream (1987)
Ricky Van Shelton         Wild-Eyed Dream/Loving Proof/RVS... (1995)
Townes Van Zandt         Far Cry from Dead (1999)        Guitars
The Vega Brothers         The Vega Brothers (1986)
The Ventures         (1973)
Gene Vincent         The Day The World Turned Blue (1970)
Gene Vincent        Road Is Rocky: Complete Studio Masters 1956-1971 (2005 )        Guitar
Bobby Vinton         (1972)
Roch Voisine         I'll Always Be There (1993)         Guitar
The Wagoneers         (1989)
T-Bone Walker         Very Rare (1974)         Guitar
Steve Wariner         Steal Another Day (2003)         Electric Guitar
Jim Weatherly         (1973)         A Gentler Time
Dennis Weaver         People Songs (1974)
The We Five         (1972)
Kevin Welsh         (1987)
Freddy Weller         (1971)
Joy White         Between Midnight & Hindsight (1992)        Acoustic Guitar
Joy Lynn White         Wild Love (1994)        Guitars
Lari White         Wishes (1994)         Acoustic Guitar, Requinto
Andy Williams        (1973)
The Williams Twins         (1973)
Hank Williams, Jr.         Born to Boogie (1987)         Electric Guitar
Roger Williams         (1973)
Kelly Willis         Bang Bang (1991)         Acoustic Guitar
Kelly Willis         Kelly Willis (1993)        Acoustic Guitar
Marc Wirtz         Hot House Smiles (1973)         Guitars, Pedal Steel Guitar
Mark Wirtz        Love Is Eggshaped (2005)        Guitar
Lee Ann Womack         I Hope You Dance (2000)         Bouzouki, Electric Guitar
Brenton Wood         (1971)
Sheb Wooley         (1973)
Michelle Wright         For Me It's You (1996)         Electric Guitar
Michelle Wright         Reasons Why (1997)        Electric Guitar
"Weird Al" Yankovic         Weird Al Yankovic (1983)         Banjo, Guitar, Ukulele
Trisha Yearwood         Real Live Woman (2000)        Acoustic Guitar
Trisha Yearwood         Real Live Woman [Japan Bonus...] (2000)        Acoustic Guitar
Jo Ellen Yester         (1971)
Original Soundtrack         Vanishing Point (1970)
Original Soundtrack         For The Love Of Benji (1977)
Original Soundtrack         Sult: Spirit of the Music (1997)         Acoustic Guitar
Original Soundtrack         Switchback (1997)        Producer
Original Soundtrack         Black Dog (1998)         Electric Guitar
Original Soundtrack         Vietnam: Long Time Coming (1999)         Producer
Original TV Soundtrack         Providence [TV Soundtrack] (2002)        Producer
Various Artists         It'll Come To You-Songs of John Hiatt (2003)
Various Artists         Country Classics, Vol. 10 (1987) (1988)         Producer
Various Artists         Country Classics, Vol. 7 (1986... (1988)         Associate Producer
Various Artists         Country Classics, Vol. 8 (1986... (1988)         Associate Producer
Various Artists         Classic Country Music, Vol. 4 (1990)        Guitar
Various Artists         Rockin' Country [Warner Brothers] (1991)         Producer
Various Artists         Love Gets Strange: The Songs of... (1993)         Producer
Various Artists         Tribute to Mark Heard (1994)         Guitar
Various Artists      

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