RMA Nashville 2009 Membership Drive - All 2008 Memberships expired at the end of the calendar year, so unless you have renewed in the past couple of months, you are no longer a current member. Thanks to those of you you have recently joined or renewed for 2009 already.

If you have not joined RMA Nashville before or have let your membership lapse, now is a great time to get on board. We have been working hard to improve communication and working conditions within our Local, and the AFM as a whole. Whether or not you are an RMA Member, we are working and advocating on your behalf, and by joining you give us a stronger, more effective voice in important Union matters.

The RMA Nashville Website and Directory have becom valuable resources for songwriters, producers, employers and musicians who are looking for the best studio players in Music City.  Enclosed is a pdf that you can use as an application form AND a reciept for your taxes. You can also join with a secure PayPal credit card transaction and be sure to include your information so you will be accurately listed in our Directory which you can easily customize into a mini webpage that can include your resume, credits, gear, descriptions of the types of services you offer, and even a picture if you like. All in all, the $75.00 it costs to be an RMA member may be one of the best investments you make this year. Thanks for your input and your support. We are making a difference - TOGETHER.

January 11, 2009
Dear Fellow RMA Nashville Members,

New Year’s greetings from Mike Brignardello. Upon his victory in Local 257’s Presidential election December 14, 2008, Dave Pomeroy resigned his post as President of RMA Nashville. As vice-president I have agreed to serve as RMA Nashville’s new President.

While I am very excited about Dave’s win, and that of fellow RMA member Craig Krampf as Local 257’s new Secretary/Treasurer, I am keenly aware that RMA Nashville will miss Dave’s passion and enthusiasm. Dave was instrumental in growing the RMA Nashville chapter to its largest membership ever, and represented Nashville musicians on the national level with skill and integrity. Small wonder that others in our music community noticed, and elected him President of 257, the fourth biggest Local in the country. His leadership will be missed, but I am honored and humbled to try and carry on the principals of the RMA, which is working for the betterment of all recording musicians. We have a terrific Executive Board and I’m looking forward to working together with them, along with our members, to solve problems, define issues, and keep Nashville the best recording center in the world.
Kindest Regards,
Mike Brignardello