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The Nashville Chapter of the Recording Musicians Association (RMA) works to protect the interests of its members in the many Local 257 and International AFM issues that affect our livelihood. The diverse group of professional musicians who make up RMA Nashville's membership are active in all areas of recording and electronic media, including song demos, jingles, independent projects, and major label recordings. We also represent touring musicians, many of whom also appear on television regularly.
Our goals are as follows...
1.) To protect the rights and interests of our members, by participating in all applicable AFM negotiations with Industry, and contributing "real world" input to AFM policy decisions in all areas that affect our members.
2.) To give our members a unified voice within our Union and Local 257. Professional musicians are a minority within the AFM, and the RMA exists to make sure that your voice is heard, and your rights as a full time working musician are protected.
3.) To foster better communication and transparency between AFM members and Union Leadership. The Music Industry is changing at a rapid pace, and the RMA is trying to help the AFM keep pace with today's constantly shifting business environment. 
4.) To promote "On the Card" Union recording by offering our members and potential employers accurate, easy to understand information on the various Agreements and associated AFM paperwork. Our online RMA Directory is now a very efficient way to find the finest recording musicians to be found anywhere, and gives each member a chance to promote themselves with an exclusive "Player Profile" page.

February 24, 2009


Hello from Mike Brignardello. On his victory in Local 257’s Presidential election December 14, 2008, Dave Pomeroy resigned his post as President of RMA Nashville. As vice-president I have agreed to serve as RMA Nashville’s new President.


2009 is off to an exciting start with a new leadership team at Local 257 and an energized membership. The turn out for this election was about double the last cycle, and it’s self evident that RMA Nashville played a vital part in motivating members to participate. While I am very excited about Dave Pomeroy’s win, and that of fellow RMA member Craig Kra mp f as Local 257’s new Secretary/Treasurer, I am keenly aware that RMA Nashville will miss Dave’s passion and enthusiasm. Dave was instrumental in growing the RMA Nashville chapter to its largest membership ever, and represented Nashville musicians on the national level with skill and integrity. Small wonder that others in our music community noticed, and elected him President of 257, the fourth biggest Local in the country. His leadership will be missed, but I am honored to try and carry on the principles of the RMA, which is working for the betterment of all recording musicians. We have a terrific Executive Board and I’m looking forward to working together with them, along with our members, to solve problems, define issues, and keep Nashville a great recording center.


While there is much to celebrate on the Local level, RMA still faces challenges on the National front. As of this writing, the AFM International Executive Board is considering weather or not to de-certify the RMA as an AFM player conference. The threat has been looming since June 2008 when the idea was first proposed at an IEB meeting. RMA International officers, along with local RMA officers, have been unsuccessful, so far, in their meetings with the IEB to resolve the issues that have us at the current i mp asse. We’re exploring avenues of communication and are hopeful a dialogue will begin, but for now, we’re awaiting the IEB’s decision.


I don’t have space to recount the history, but the threat to the RMA eventually became one of the major ca mp aign issues in this past Local election, an exa mp le of a national issue spilling over into local politics. To the best of my knowledge, RMA Nashville members have filed no lawsuits against the union, have not been charged with breaking union rules, and have not joined any other ‘shadow’ union. Yet 200 of our busiest, most active members are being threatened with losing their voice within the union. It’s frustrating, because the IEB has chosen to threaten an entire player conference for the actions of a few individuals. If a member breaks a union rule, the individual should be charged with the violation,  not an entire player conference. Because I’m an optimist, I think the IEB will come to this conclusion. I believe that the IEB will vote NO on de-conferencing the RMA. An AFM without the RMA will serve no one’s interest. But it highlights the i mp ortance of focusing our energies on the Nashville music community and our own Local business. Whatever the future brings on the national front, we can continue the tradition of working together with our union and serving the music industry here in our backyard. We have a great working relationship with the Nashville music industry, a long history of ‘musician tradition’ in Nashville , and close personal relationships with artists, publishers, producers and label heads. We have excellent leadership at our Local and engaged members. I believe we could weather just about any storm because of our unique situation. I’ve seen the effects of an energized informed membership, and I know we can acco mp lish good things as long as we work together.


Times are changing, and the way we work is changing, too. We’re working together with President Pomeroy on formulating a new local internet scale, input welcome. Of course, we are continuing discussions with the IEB to resolve the de-conferencing question. There is much work to do and we need your help. Please join or renew your membership to RMA Nashville and help us continue to work for you. Use the Pay Pal option on our site, http://www.rmanashville.com, or mail a check. All of the RMA Nashville officers and Board serve on a volunteer basis, so all the dues we collect are used for the work of serving our members. Join with us and help keep Nashville the best place to make music.


Best regards,


Mike Brignardello


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RMA Nashville Officers
Mike Brignardello- President
Tom Wild - Treasurer
Lauren Koch - Secretary

RMA Nashville Board Members
David Angell, Barry Green, Tim Lauer, Duncan Mullins, Carole Rabinowitz, Jim "Moose" Brown, and Jeff King.